ELTEC Engineering

Safety & Alarm Management Systems

ELTEC supplies intelligent access control and monitoring systems. In close cooperation with leading international system construction companies ELTEC offers the optimum solution for any requirement.

Our safety know-how includes the installation of systems that identify visitors by their fingerprints or pupils as well as the conventional video, infrared or acoustic surveillance.

We protect your property with

  high-end intrusion alarm systems
  remote-controllable access control systems
  linking of safety systems directly with security staff, control units or the police
  video surveillance of assets or buildings, including image storage and remote patrol
  body-sonic and violation detectors for safes and cash terminals
  fire alarm systems, smoke aspiration and extinguishing systems, directly linked with fire department
  installation of rescue technology and door surveillance for emergency ways
  automation of heating systems, windows, air-conditioning, elevators
  implementation of control units for alarm and building management

ELTEC does the analysis and consulting, project planning, installation, and maintenance service.