ELTEC Engineering

Energy Management

ELTEC regards the energy consultation as an important task aimed at saving costs and resources and at the same time guaranteeing the efficiency of all modern systems. And last but not least ensuring the long-term value of your property.

Energy (and thus cost) saving potential can be found in any building, in existing properties as well as in new-built ones. And every little counts, as over long periods of time even small lacks do add to enormous sums.

Energy optimization by technical means helps to reduce the consumption considerably. The earlier it is implemented, the bigger is the advantage for the user of the property.

For example the lighting: the energy used for artificial light in industrial plants amounts to an average of 38 percent of the total energy costs, but can be reduced by 30 percent with a minor investment into energy saving light technics. And it will be even smaller by using building automation technology, adjusting the artificial light in relation to the natural daylight.

Also in existing buildings it is possible to implement energy optimization strategies step by step.